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How to Install Portable DVR?



After getting and buy the Car Mobile DVR (hard drive), it’s time to mount these devices for your auto currently.

Firstly, before installation, we must approach an installation system that’s to determine the area of camcorders and the video camera. Cameras location you must establish based on unique need, case, for a 4 Channel video recorder, typically the cams location are front (windshield), back (license menu or other), left/right (the rear view mirror), however it should really be inquire towards the motorist first. The Mobile DVR (Video Recorder) place will soon be different based on different type of automobiles.

Installment tips:

1, the AV wire must certainly be global normal, so as never to impact the result of impression transmission.

2, Car Mobile DVR (hard disk) ought to be energy supplied straight from Car Battery, can’t pass through the engine.

4, The diameter of the power cable for connecting the Mobile DVR primary power has to be dense enough, at least not less than the diameter of the power cable accompany with the original bundle. Likewise, please focus on polarity, do not be reversed.

3, Cameras should really be power supply 12V by the principal device (Mobile DVR), Our Mobile DVR can power supply to DC12V to 4 cameras at the same time.

5, Power cable should close to the car electricity output beneficial stop, and Mobile DVR (hard disk drive) should use a 5 rev fuse-box, to burn up the car power. and prevent short-circuit

6, Recommended outside the strength cable sleeve use, heat-resistant, water-proof, fat covering, to stop long-term rumbling, rubbing while in the vehicle induced and cause short circuit.

7, AV Cable and Power wire connection junction should be completed to strengthen processing.

8, Mobile DVR (hard-drive) site must be around possible to become installed a long way away from power plant and the variety center of gravity as low as possible, to reduce the impression of the vibration of car.

9, Mobile DVR installation should really be water-proof and exploitation, if at all possible, you can add a protected scenario.

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