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Cable Release

A cable release is commonly used in photography. One end of the cable release is attached to the shutter button while the end is serves as a trigger, which when presses automatically activates the camera’s shutter button and captures the image.

Most cable releases have a flexible tube that is made from rubber-covered metal or plastic. A steel cable inside the tube runs from the press button at one end to a piston to press the release at the camera end. Some cable releases also have an additional lock, which holds the shutter open for long exposures.

A cable release comes handy in several situations. An example is when the photographer wishes to be included in the image as well. So by using a cable of sufficient length, this can be possible. There are also cable releases that can be remotely operated. A cable release of this type sends a signal wirelessly, which then creates a greater amount of freedom for covering greater distances between the photographer and the camera. With a cable release, the photographer does not also have to worry about concealing any wires anymore. Some photographers also use a cable release even if they are not going to be in the photo. This is because using a cable release minimizes camera shake and avoids unwanted blur, which can result to sharper images and better photo quality. There are also times when the cable release is used with a tripod. Such tools, the cable release and the tripod used together, allow a camera to be placed virtually anywhere while maintaining a very stable foundation. Moreover, a cable release is especially useful for long light exposures when the camera is mounted on a tripod. So basically, portrait and macro photography are the most common examples where cable releases are used.

Cable Release

Cable Release

In addition, manual cameras respond to traditional cable releases while digital cameras only respond to digital forms of cable releases.

However, those looking to buy a cable release must realize that it will not be compatible with every model of a camera. While some cable releases are specifically designed for a specific camera models, others can be used with different camera models. In order to determine if a cable release can be used on a camera, the camera’s shutter button must have a threaded hole. Most single lens reflex (SLR) cameras have this feature.

To use a cable release, the first thing to do, as mentioned, is to ensure that it is compatible with your camera. Afterwards, mount your camera to a tripod and then compose your photograph. Once done, tweak the settings by adjusting the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. And then connect the cable release to the camera. Once done, you can now stand away from the camera with the cable release. Press the button on the release to take a picture.

The best thing is that a cable release is relatively inexpensive so it is worth the investment for anyone who is intending to get serious with photography.

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