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Auto Accessories

Buying a new car is probably one of the biggest investments anyone will make. And because of their high market value, car owners have been looking for ways to improve the look and performance of their vehicle through the addition of auto accessories. In fact, auto accessories are considered to be as important as the car itself.

Customizing your car has never been so easy. From interior to exterior, there is a broad range of auto accessories available in the market to make your car as unique as your personality. Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which auto accessory is more important.

But even more important than the aesthetic value of these auto accessories is their functionality. Therefore, when looking to buy auto accessories, you should take this aspect into consideration.

Auto accessories, in general, can be classified into interior auto accessories and exterior auto accessories. Auto accessories, such as sun visor, car foot pedals, anti-dosing safety alarm, car steering wheel lock, car TV, stereo system, air bags, seat covers, car floor mats, rear view mirrors, etc. are capable of highlighting the interior of your vehicle. On the other hand, auto accessories such as mufflers, car side rearview mirrors, license plates, side bars, headlights, wheel covers, windshield wiper blades, etc. add a different appeal to the overall look of your car as well as protect specific parts of your vehicle.

Auto Accessories

Auto Accessories


The exhaust system of an engine, simply referred to as a muffler, is intended to reduce smog emission. Aside from that, mufflers are also capable of reducing the noise generated by the engine.

Mufflers, however, tend to rust out over time. As it is, it is important to choose those that are made from stainless steel. Regardless, you must still make sure that your muffler is securely clamped to your vehicle, especially since a muffler in poor condition may affect smog test results.

Car side rearview mirrors

The beauty of a round car side rearview mirror is that it can be attached on top of your existing side mirror through its adhesive tape base. These mirrors provide a wide angle view, which improves overall safety. But the main purpose of these mirrors is to eliminate blind spots by increasing your normal field of vision.

Sun visors

Sun visors are essential in shielding your car interior from the sun’s heat. Most of the car sun visors are designed to cover the windshield of your car, which is especially useful when you have left it parked outside, in the heat. Using this kind of auto accessory can help keep your car cool.

Anti-dozing car safety alarms

Anti-dozing car safety alarms are often made of a plastic material, which can be slipped over one ear while driving. Alarms of this type often work by detecting the angle of the driver’s head, which should be perpendicular to the road. Ergo, when the driver starts to tip his head downward, the alarm sets off.

Other auto accessories to be considered are the car foot pedal and the car steering wheel lock.

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